Unwanted guests continue to cause heartburn in the restaurant

Cockroaches and rodents.

Twice this month, Columbus public health inspectors discovered the pesky pests at Spicy Cup & Bakery, 1977 E. Dublin Granville Rd. As a result, the restaurant bears the notorious yellow sticker on the front door and continues to be under the watchful eye of the health department.

On November 16, the inspector observed: “Excessive amounts of rodent feces around the facility,” including the dry storage area and on the food containers. You can see the mouse corners in the attached pictures.

In his report, the inspector observed “live cockroaches in several parts of the facility”, particularly in the area of ​​the sink.

The inspector returned to the restaurant three days later for a follow-up inspection. Her report noted “a live baby cockroach on the cups above the one-way cooler” opposite the hand basin. In the kitchen area, the inspector also observed a “live mouse trapped in the bait box”.

In their report, the inspector stated that the Spicy Cup Cafe & Bakery would continue to have its facility professionally treated for cockroaches.

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