US Army places order with FLIR Systems for palm-sized Black Hornet 3 UAVs

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The US Army has FLIR Systems under a 15.4 million dollar contract.

The Army has placed multiple orders for the Black Hornet 3 valued at more than $ 85 million, according to FLIR Systems. That includes the first contract, a $ 2.6 million contract that was awarded in 2018.

A soldier holds the palm-sized UAV Black Hornet 3 from FLIR Systems. In March, the US Army placed an order for 15.4 million (FLIR systems) with the company

According to Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: Unmanned, the Army placed a $ 39.7 million contract in January 2019 and placed another $ 20.6 million contract in May 2019.

On May 5, FLIR Systems spokesman Joe Ailinger declined to say how many Black Hornet 3s the company would provide under the March contract. Deliveries will start in mid-2021 and continue throughout the year. He declined further requests for comment.

The Black Hornet 3, also known as the personal reconnaissance system, weighs 33 g and is 168 mm long with a rotor diameter of 123 mm. The aircraft reaches a top speed of 22 km / h with a range of 2 km and can fly in gusts of 20 kt. The aircraft has a flight time of up to 25 minutes and transmits live video and high-definition (HD) still images to the operator.

According to Ailinger, the Black Hornet’s ground control station consists of a base station, a controller and a display. The base station houses two Black Hornet 3s and, in combination with the specially developed one-hand controller, enables all the necessary functions for planning, executing and analyzing missions. All data is stored on a removable SD card on the base station for review and forwarding.

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The US Army has awarded FLIR Systems a $ 15.4 million contract to purchase the palm-sized Black Hornet 3 …

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