Viral video of spider infestation makes international news

What would you do if you encountered hundreds of spiders in your daughter’s room? Post videos of them and become the international news if you are an Australian mom.

Claudia Domrose from Sydney, Australia, spotted hundreds of newly hatched hunter spiders on the walls and ceiling of her daughter’s room and posted a video of the creepy-crawling nursery online.

She told Australia’s News9 that not only would she not kill the spiders, but her daughter actually slept in the room that night.

“We just left them there because they are baby hunters. I actually like hunters, so I thought I won’t do anything,” said the make-up artist from Germany.

“You will just walk away … let nature be.”

Claudia said her daughter joked that she wouldn’t sleep in the room again. However, she slept in the room and chose to sleep on the other end of her bed.

Well, story had legs when the Arachno Colony hit the news broadcasts around the world. But perhaps the best reaction came from Kate Langbroek of 10 Sydney, clearly humiliated by the story, adding that she returned home after spending time abroad realizing that she had never realized “how spidery Australia is” .

Check out the clip above about 10 Sydney.

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