Wasp infestation: Woman shares horror on Fcebook when she finds a wasp colony on her windowsill

One woman shared her horror online after discovering a skin-crawling colony of wasps on her window.

A local woman from Lismore has opened up online about her terrible wasp infestation and asked her neighbors for help dealing with the skin creep situation.

In the Facebook group Lismore Information Exchange, the woman called for advice on how to free her window sills of the wasp colony.

“How do I get rid of wasps?” She wrote.

“An exterminator?


Lismore locals came to Ms. Shield’s aid and offered a range of unconventional advice on how to deal with the situation.

“Deodorant and lighter are usually enough,” wrote one poster.

“Wait until it gets dark, get a sheet of newspaper, roll it up nice and long, and burn it,” wrote another.

But Ms. Shields said the wasp colony was too high to burn.

“You’re at a window on the second floor that I can’t reach,” she said.

A member of the Lismore Information Exchange quickly phoned Ms. Shields following the revelation and told her to leave the wasps alone.

“If you’re by a window on the second floor and nobody’s worried about hanging out on the windowsill – why would you kill them?” Said the poster.

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