Watch out for brown recluse spiders in this heat | St. Louis headlines

ST. LOUIS ( – A new warning is issued to residents of Missouri and Illinois that the brown recluse spider emerges at high temperatures and its bite could be fatal.

Pest control experts say the intense heat will drive a legion of these creepy creeps into your home. Usually a southern beetle, this species is now widespread in Missouri and Illinois.

“You have evolved into this withdrawn spider, you like these quiet corners of our houses. The closets, the basements, the attics, ”said Jay Everitt of Rottler Pest Solutions. “When the temperatures rise, the attic temperatures rise higher. [The spiders] Start looking for a cooler environment and plenty of time that is the living space. “

Everitt said these spiders are known for having dark violin- or fiddle-shaped markings on their backs. They make nets, but only to escape their prey or to hide from them.

If you are bitten and the area around the wound turns black or blue, get medical help as soon as possible.

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