WATCH: Thousands of honey bees and a giant beehive removed from Atlanta | news

ATLANTA (CBS) – A giant honey beehive made up of thousands of bees has finally been removed from a vacant lot in Atlanta after weeks of terrorist attacks near neighbors.

“Sometimes I’m scared of getting out of the house,” says Matthew Sease, who lives next door. “I never walked past the house because I was afraid of the bees and would be stung.”

Sease says the bees first moved to the property in the spring and the beehive has been growing daily since then. Today it consisted of several different “pockets” both inside and outside the vacant house, and the entire courtyard and adjacent courtyards were filled with the bees that swarmed the area.

In Georgia, as in most states, honey bees are recommended not to be killed because they are both endangered and an important part of the ecosystem. pollinating plants and make up about a third of our agricultural production.

“The honeybee population has struggled for the past few years, so it is more important that we do what is right for the honeybees and not kill them when we run into problems,” said Metro-Atlanta Bee Keeper’s Association director Dave Marshall. “Someone could try to kill them themselves, but it’s really not a good idea, you know, you want the experts to come out and check it out.”

“You can go from a day without a hive to thousands of bees in a day and you can get to work pretty quickly,” added Marshall.

The owner hired a bee removal service who came out Thursday and safely removed the bees from the house.

Experts will continue to watch the house to make sure the remaining bees are not attempting to reconstruct a colony.

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