Windsor City Council wants an ordinance to force homeowners with rat problems to take action

The Windsor City Administration will examine a possible charter to compel property owners with a rat problem to do something about it.

The move is the result of a proposal from Ward 2 Coun. Fabio Costante at the council meeting on Monday.

Costante said he had received several complaints from homeowners who were besieged by rodents from neighboring properties.

The statutes would force people who have rats on their property to take action to get rid of them, he said.

“If your neighbor has caves in the ground and you can be sure that at least some of the rats are coming from the neighboring property, you would probably call 311,” Costante said. “They would ask a law enforcement officer to inspect the area. If they concluded there were rat holes and the rats could come from there, they would order the property owner to either participate in the city program or a third-party private program.” to take care of the subject. “

Costante said if the property owner fails to comply, a fine could be imposed.

The idea is “the best thing since sliced ​​bread,” said Rick Hobbs, a resident of Josephine Avenue.

Hobbs points to one of two rat traps in the back yard of his house on Josephine Avenue. (Dale Molnar / CBC)

Hobbs said that rats from elsewhere invade his property and he is fed up with it.

“My wife got a rat right between her legs,” Hobbs said, referring to an incident where they were sitting in an enclosure in the back yard. “She refuses to sit out in the back yard now.”

Shipra Das, who has endured rats from the neighboring property for 13 years, also advocates a statute.

“And not just me. The other neighbors saw rats too, ”said Das.

She said she complained to the city several times, but the inspectors say they can only act if the rat holes are found on their property – not if the rats come from elsewhere.

“This is probably a big problem across town. No matter where you are in town, it needs to be considered. It needs to be fixed,” said Rick LeBlanc, a resident of Forest Glade.

Right now, Hobbs is struggling with traps in his back yard, but he said he saw four rats once in an hour, so the bylaws can’t come early enough.

“You should have done this years ago.”

Homeowners can take advantage of the city’s rat control program for free.

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