A woman who was having her regular meals at a Congee shop ended up with some extra protein in her food.

Here is what she said

I’ve always seen posts of people encountering cockroaches in their food and I never thought that this would actually happen to me!

We’ve been customers of 绝世好粥 Congee Legend Hotpot and we decided to eat there on 23rd Feb again. Almost nearing the end of our meal when we were having their signature prawn porridge, my brother found this little pest inside his bowl of porridge. Imagine how long has this little fella been in our hotpot?! We immediately informed the staff and he said he will call his boss.

Shortly after, he came back and said his boss did not pick up his phone and the best he can do for us now is to not charge us for the meal. We figured there’s nothing much we can do at our end, so we left. Before leaving the place, the staff confirmed my mobile number twice and mentioned that he will get his boss to give me a call (IMPORTANT)

So fast forward to today, I have yet to receive any call from the said boss. I gave them more than enough time to go through the CCTV footage if needed and was expecting them to call me within 3 days since the incident.

This just shows how irresponsible this store is and how bad their service recovery is…

What do y’all usually do when this kinda thing happens? And where can I report them?


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